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Review CD transport of Cyrus CD t

Обзор CD-транспорт Cyrus CD t
Quality of sounding of Cyrus CD t excellent, and here the design became already outdated

CD t - the newest replenishment of a long line of the excellent Cyrus models. It is CD transport, but not the CD player; in other words, he only reads data from a disk, and external TsAP is necessary for performance of digit-analog transformation.

Excellent quality

It is excellent option for that who already have a Hi-Fi-system from separate components and who wants to get for it a better CD source. For a complete set you need only TsAP.

In CD t high-quality accessories and technologies - such as own ON Cyrus Servo Evolution for reading disks - already familiar to us on the flagman CD Xt Signature model for $3100 are used; so we expect much from this more available transport. And Cyrus CD t does not deceive expectations: quality of its work is excellent.

Обзор CD-транспорт Cyrus CD t

As a part of referensny system (TsAP Chord 2Qutef GamuT amplifiers and the EXPERT of automatic telephone exchange of SCM50) CD t blossoms. The song You've Got The Love of the group Florence + The Machine sounds crystal-clearly, amazingly easily and incredibly in details. CD t easily works well a clockwork rhythm, and Florence Welch's voice soft and graceful, without the slightest raid of brightness.

Noise of the motor

The soundtrack to the movie "Beginning" emphasizes a subtlety CD t loudspeakers and quality of study of nuances. Impress not only deep basses, but also various textures, and also layers of each low note.

Work of this transport differs in high precision; drums in the introduction to the song Hot For Teacher of the Van Halen group move sharply and accurately. Each tool is easily distinguishable on the volume sound stage.

We like smoothness and musicality of sounding of CD t; despite all its purity and control, it does not seem sterile. It is possible to listen to music in its execution infinitely.

If you saw one product of Cyrus, you saw them all. Appearance of models of the company in their well-known aluminum cases of half width in 20 years almost did not change. Their strong design with faultless finishing of CD t is supplemented with sympathetic and logical buttons; but the design already begins to seem outdated.

The slot-hole mechanism of a diskopriyemnik during loading quite strongly rustles, but at reproduction of a disk works quietly. The black-green display seems too ancient too. Though from transport, in fact, only number of a track and the remained time are required, but Cyrus level models nevertheless do not need updating of design.

Bystry and distinct

But the DU panel - quite modern and convenient. On it it is more buttons, than it is necessary for CD transport (it can be used with all other Cyrus models), but it bystry and distinct, with the illumination reacting to the movement. You should move slightly as the panel turns on.

The list of connections is small: two digital output (optical and coaxial) and the standard MC-BUS socket for management of the Cyrus system. There is no PSX-R socket for the additional external power supply unit even - standard option of an upgrade for the majority of products of Cyrus. As well as in case of the model CD Xt Signature, Cyrus quality of the built-in power supply unit so faultless considers what external is not required any more.

And judging by result, the company is not mistaken in it. CD t is exclusively good for the price. Of course, to it component TsAP is required, however business is worth it. Transparency, purity and meticulousness of new CD transport are unprecedented for this price category, and its musicality will leave nobody indifferent.

Обзор CD-транспорт Cyrus CD t

+ fine, almost faultless sound;
+ dynamics and coordination;
+ DU panel.

- old-fashioned design and display;
- not the player, but transport - is necessary external TsAP.

Обзор CD-транспорт Cyrus CD t


For this price category extremely talented CD transport.

Price: $1300

Total assessment: 10 points from 10!

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